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This is our independent artist submission form page for airing music on Pontik Radio.

We determine INDEPENDENT as an artist that does not belong to any large record label or has a signed agreement with at record label. If you are signed with a record label, you must include in the form as an upload an image of the release or permit (a signed letter is enough) by the record label for us to airplay the track/single/EP/album.

Music Submission Restrictions and Requirements

  1. As mentioned this for is only for Independent artists (musicians)
  2. All required fields MUST be entered in the form. Whatsapp number will be verified prior to acceptance.
  3. Music must comply with radio station guidelines. These may change but as for now these general guidelines apply
    1. No hate, racist, sexist, inciting music lyrics are allowed.
    2. We do not play reggaeton with sexual lyrics. We do play urban rhythm music with non sexual lyrics.
  4. Final decision on airplay is determined by the radio station. Usually if we decide not to play it we will let you know.
  5. Once the song is approved you will get an email and at this point all we require is a for the band/artist to follow Pontik Media and Pontik Radio profiles on Instagram and Facebook. Yes this is the catch, but isn’t it worth it for having your music aired on the radio?, plus it has no cost! We help you, you help us. Please use these links:
    1. Pontik Radio Instagram
    2. Pontik Radio Facebook
    3. Pontik Instagram
    4. Pontik Facebook
  6. Once all requirements are completed, we will air it on the Independent Artist section of the Radio, which airs on Sundays at xx pm

Independent Artist Form

  • Where is the artist/band from (Country & State/Province)
  • This number MUST have a whatsapp access. Include with complete country and city code.
  • Name of the person of the whatsapp contact number stated before
  • This is the band/artist email address. NOT the Manager's or PR Agency email address (those constantly change)
  • Please include at least one. Only Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. No Spotify or similar. This is how we tag you when posted
  • Please specify if Manager or Press Rep in the "position" field
  • Please include as much information as you can about the song
  • Suelta archivos aquí o
    Tipos de archivos aceptados: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, docx, .
    You must upload the art cover. Here is where you upload the letter allowing us to play the song/track/RP/album. An additional artist photo is permitted. Max size is 1024kb Preferred size 300x300 for cover art.
  • Tipos de archivos aceptados: mp3, wav.
    Here you upload the mp3 or wav file. We prefer mp3 320kbps
  • Este campo es un campo de validación y debe quedar sin cambios.